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Santa Barbara book signing

I did a book signing in Santa Barbara today at Chaucer’s bookstore. It’s a fantastic bookstore that has been there for decades. There were about 25 people at the reading and Renee, the waitress who works at Harry’s in Santa Barbara,  came along with her regulars. Renee and I both signed Counter Culture and everybody was so excited to see her. She was such a star.




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That sounds like the perfect book-signing to me 🙂

Comment by planetcity1

Candacy, just received your invite. Regretfully I am in Florida, but I’ll email some friends of my daughter about it (she went to school in SB) Wishing you every success!
Take care,

Comment by P. Tsaldari

Just so you know, the upcoming exhibition is happening in San Francisco.
All best,

Comment by Candacy Taylor

Hi Candacy,

Your book is amazing. I love it. Wonderful work and homage. I’m sharing your blog on Twitter. (I’m @wellerwishes)

Best wishes,

Comment by kathy weller

I’m so glad you love the book! Thanks for sharing your comments.
All the best,

Comment by Candacy Taylor

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