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The Diner Waitress Image
August 18, 2009, 4:15 pm
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Career waitresses are among the least researched category of workers in the US and yet they are some of the most colorful, dynamic, hard-working women in America. When we see a plastic recreation of her spinning on a motorized platform at the chain Ruby’s Diner, we instantly recognize her as an icon.  As you walk into Ruby’Ruby's Waitresss she is the first thing you see. She spins on a motorized platform in high heels and a short candy-striped skirt wearing a come hither expression on her face.

It was my intention to dismantle this saccharine sweet, sexualized image of the diner waitress and to show real women with wrinkles, and curves and to prove that they are not just a caricature frozen in time.

Can you recall the last waitress who served you? How often do we turn our heads and really look at her? What color was her hair? Was she young, old, or timeless? Was she full of humorous moments of small talk or did she just slam down your food and drop the check?


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