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Meet Annie
Annie King at the Venus Diner.  Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Annie King at the Venus Diner. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Annie King worked at the Venus Diner for over 45 years. She started waitressing when she was 13 years old. In the almost 60 years she’s been dishing out breakfast specials, Annie has only worked at 5 restaurants. When I asked her if she had done any other kind of work she said, “I went to school to learn computers, but I quit after two weeks. I couldn’t sit for that long.” Like many of the lifers I interviewed, Annie’s work ethic is incredible. “I never have a day where I wish I didn’t have to go to work. I can honestly say that. I’m rarely sick. For about 10 years I worked 7 days a week. The only days I had off was when we were closed.”  Annie remembers, “ I saw everything there was to see when I worked graveyard. From naked people to people streaking through here to… nothing surprises me anymore. I just look and walk away. People are crazy, but they’re fun. We had a blond woman who used to come in with just a blazer on — all she wore was a red blazer [laughing] and nothing else, but nobody even said anything to her. She’d come in and eat and pretend like everything was normal. We had a good time. I love waitressing.” When I asked Annie about the younger servers at the Venus, she said, “There’s a girl working here and she asks me, ‘Why don’t you teach me to carry like you?’ and I says, “and then you’ll have my job? I ain’t crazy.”

Venus Diner. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Venus Diner. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

The Venus Diner was a staple in the small mining town of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. Sadly the Venus closed a few years ago. Does anybody have any stories about the Venus Diner or Annie? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


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Annie King is now working as a waitress at Rechhold’s Cafe on Route 8 about 10 miles north of where the Venus Diner used to be. She’s still as awesome as she ever was!

Comment by Dave

That’s amazing! I’m so glad Annie’s still working. Please tell her I said hello!

Comment by Candacy Taylor

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