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Ode to Mom…
May 22, 2009, 2:48 pm
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This project would not have been possible without the lifelong support of my mother, Carol Burford. Although we didn’t have very much money growing up, she never wavered in her support for my choice to be an artist. After I would get a series of rejections and feel deflated, I would call her and say that it was time for me to step away from the waitress project and get a “real” job. Every time, Mom would say, “Don’t stop what you’re doing. You will make it.” One day I said, “You really believe that don’t you?” She said, “Without a doubt.”

Mom at home

Mom at home

Mom was also my assistant on my travels to interview the waitresses. She helped me set up the equipment, she scanned all of the vintage photos and newspaper clippings supplied by the waitresses, she made sure the waitresses signed the consent forms and most importantly, she made everyone feel comfortable. Since she’s so comfortable with herself, it just feels good to be around her. I am grateful to have such a fantastic mother, I know in the art world it is rare to have this level of unconditional support.


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I am so very proud of my daughter Candacy Taylor. She is a very dedicated and hard working person. We have had many fabulous trips together and I have enjoyed every minute. I will always be there to support her in whatever she does. She is a treasure!!!

Comment by Carol Burford

I so appreciate the way in which Candacy honors and upholds the female legacies that have come before us. It speaks to the strength of women and our important role as the backbone of this country. And I love how you honor your mom!

Thanks for bringing us aboard!

Comment by Elizabeth Husserl

I recall the first time we talked about your mom Candacy and how I was so struck by your great love and RESPECT for her – you articulated your feelings about her so lovingly, yet matter-of-factly. Of course as I was sitting there listening I was thinking, “Well, it certainly makes sense that this extraordinary woman in front of me would have an equally extraordinary mother.” You BOTH have a lot to be proud of.

Comment by K.C. Murphy Thompson

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