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Meeting Fernanda
May 15, 2009, 2:48 pm
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Fernanda. Seligman, Arizona

Fernanda started waitressing on a reservation at age 11 at the Kamacha Cafe in Peach Springs, Arizona. The initial moments of meeting Fernanda were torture. It took everything out of me to keep my eyes level with hers; battling the magnet-like forces that kept drawing my eyes up toward her magnificent hair. I’m sure there were seconds when I just gave in and stared in awe and disbelief. It was like visiting a roadside architectural monument, a fascinating piece of sculpture that stood gallantly and proud. Researching beehives for the previous six months didn’t prepare me for Fernanda’s hair. It wasn’t cone shaped like most beehives, it was more mohawk shaped without the spikes and towered almost a foot above her head. She’s worn her hair like this since 1962 and assured me that it only takes about fifteen minutes to whip up, tease, spray down, and frame her chiseled features. Hidden beneath the webbed matrix of hair, a few bobby pins, and lots of “Stiff Stuff” (the name of her hairspray from Walmart), lied metaphorical jewels of confidence and pride. Fernanda’s hair is one of the first things you see

Fernanda in the 70s. near Seligman, Arizona

Fernanda in the 70s. near Seligman, Arizona

but it’s not the main quality that you walk away remembering. It’s her fiercely independent attitude and her sweet, generous nature that takes over as soon as your eyes finally travel down and meet hers.


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